If you are thinking about having a prostate exam, you will want to consider learning how to find a urologist that you are comfortable with. This can make the whole experience much more positive for both you and your doctor. Here are some helpful tips to find the urologist in Abu Dhabi that you will feel most comfortable with.

Checking your health insurance

Your primary care doctor, your family members, friends, and your medical insurance company might provide referrals to good urologists. Getting a referral from your general practitioner may also be worth considering. The doctor may know other doctors who can help if they are unable to locate the right urologist. In addition, asking other physicians about the doctor’s bedside manner and how attentive he/she is to patients can also help you find someone easy to get along with.

Examining your health history

Your doctor will ask you many questions to find out your medical history, including any past issues with urologists and how you feel about the urologist. Your health history should include the names of any medications you are currently taking, any medical conditions, diseases, birth control methods, and other factors that might affect your urologic practices. Knowing this information can help you decide whether or not the urologist you are considering is right for you.

Finding out about previous treatments

Some urologists perform a physical examination before performing certain types of tests. Others will send a urine sample along with a blood sample to a lab for further analysis. Even if the urologist does not have an additional way to test for infections, tests of pH, blood clotting, and cancer markers can give you a better picture of what kind of treatment plan you should be following. If the tests show that you should be treated for a particular infection, then your urologist may want to suggest an antibiotics treatment plan or an alternative form of treatment.

Finding out about underlying problems

You need to know if you suffer from kidney disease, bladder, or urinary tract infection, or any other medical conditions. The urologist will discuss these issues and discuss the likely treatment plans with you. He/she will perform a physical exam as well as ask you questions about any sexual dysfunction, you have experienced in the past. Understanding the cause of the dysfunction can help you feel more at ease about what the urologist is suggesting for your situation.

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