There are numerous furniture storage companies in Dubai that will provide the storage facility for people and they often provide the facility for those who are related to the furniture industry but they do not have enough space to take all of their stuff to their place so they will have to get some extra space form these storage companies. You have to check a few things in your storage space in Dubai before you go to have the facility and sign the contract. Here are a few things to see:

Unit sizes:

You have to ask about the size of the unit which you are going to take because sometimes you need to switch from the larger to the smaller unit and sometimes you have to go from smaller to larger one according to your needs so you have to ask about this facility. Some of the facility providers are stick to the space which you will get once and they are not flexible in providing you another one and it will be a great problem for you as you have to pay more when you needed smaller space so you have to ask about it in advance and take a look at your contract that you have to sign.


It is a not a true necessity bit if you get that then it will be a great facility for you because you can take pictures of your stuff and send the video live to your main store especially when you have to show your stuff to your clients. If you get this facility in there then it will be a plus point but you should not avoid any storage facility just because they do not have the Wi-Fi in there.

Dust free:

You need to see that the area which you are going to take will be dust free so that your furniture will be safe there. You have to check that carefully in order to keep your stuff safe because dust will make the life of your furniture smaller and your clients will not be willing to get the dusted furniture from you. With dust there will be several other problems as well like your stuff will get some pest in them and they will break wood part and also they will eat clothing of furniture.