Buying a car is one of the things that need great care and responsibility of its owner, especially if it is a used car, and among the basics that cannot be overlooked is the periodic maintenance of cars, to avoid problems that you may face and reach to those around you as well.

Most of those who own a car give it the most attention and care with the best Jaguar service, but most neglect to follow the periodic maintenance plan, in addition to the fact that some of them maintain their cars in a wrong way that affects the negative, so we will show you how to periodically maintain cars in correct ways.

How to periodically maintain a car:

Most of those who own new cars leave the matter of taking care of the regular maintenance to their car dealership, but this matter requires long months to reach a period ranging between 5-10 thousand kilometers for the company to perform maintenance.

But there is daily, weekly and monthly maintenance and Land Rover repair that those who travel for a long distance must do it to ensure the quality of each part in the car, so you have to pay attention to these matters to maintain the periodic car yourself, and the following things should be paid attention to:

1- Water level:

It is necessary to check the water level in the car engine coolant tank, especially during the summer months and high temperatures, because it affects the temperature of the car engine when there is little water, and this leads to multiple problems that you do not need to fall into.

2- Car wash:

When washing the car, you should avoid using household washing detergents, because after a period of time they damage the body of the car, so take care to bring a special powder to the car.       

You also have to pay attention to cleaning the car from the bottom periodically, to avoid any rubbish sticking to it or mud, because it leads to rusting iron and metal parts in the car and therefore you need to change it every period, and this is expensive of course.