When you are going to start working as the event planner Dubai ten you have to be very humble in your daily routine as you have to get more clients due to your good behavior. You need to see how other people are working and then you have to take a step ahead in that matter and then make sure that you are working properly on your ideas and providing better facilities to your clients. You can start your career by working in any company related to the event management Dubai as it will give you some experience and you will get to know how companies will deal with their clients and their employees. It is necessary that you have to get some employees to run a company and you have to be good with them too so they can focus on their work all the time instead of just worrying about your behavior. When you give them facilities and good opportunities then you will see that they performance will become better and they will be more enthusiast while working on a project. You can ask their opinion to make them feel important. Here are few questions that you need to ask from your clients:

How much area you need to cover?

You need to ask about the area as you have to think about the décor ideas according to that and also you need to know where they have their event especially when you get two events in one day. When event places are located near to each other then you will be able to provide good services to both of them otherwise you have to go to one event personally and send your employees to the other event.

Do you need to follow any theme?

Mostly themes will be used in birthday parties but people will usually go for the color scheme theme in their wedding events too so you have to ask about it and make sure that you get their point very well. You need to ask about the color scheme and any character that they want in their event and then you have to arrange everything according to that. If you are not getting the relevant flowers that they mentioned then you can ask to use another one but never use another without their permission.