A car is powered by many things and mainly is the petrol and gas. But there is another role player that makes the car going for miles and hours and that is the energy storage systems battery. There is nothing more frustrating then a car running out of gas or fuel or when the batteries are not charged. Mostly this scene becomes a part of a horror movie when a person is going through a middle of nowhere and all of a sudden, the battery of the car dies and we all know what can happen next.

According to the best lead acid battery suppliers in UAE, if you want your car to fuel or gas efficient, it is suggested that you get a new battery or get a battery recharged according to the instructions given on the battery packing. If you have a car and you need new car batteries and you are a newbie then we suggest that you keep reading to learn more about how to buy car batteries.

  1. Look for Battery Group Size: it is obvious that a bigger car will have a bigger battery and different cars need different sizes of batteries. For this, battery group size is always necessary, getting a big battery for small car will never work – it will not even fit in the first place. You can find the group battery size on either side of the battery.
  2. Old Battery Group Size: if you bought a car with the battery and it has been two or three years then you need a different group size battery because the existing battery group size may not be available in the market.
  3. Check for Manual: if you got a battery separately, and if you still have the battery’s user’s manual, then you can find the battery group size in that manual.
  4. Search for Online Battery Group Size: you can go on the website of brand and search for the group battery size.
  5. Look for Battery Minimum Cold Ranking Amps: every car needs a specific number of amps ranking and this is used for batteries which have to be used in country sides which are way to cold.
  6. See the Battery Cell Type: mostly cars use lead acid battery. They have negative and positive sides in the battery acid in a case.