Whether you are a small business set up or large, need for office equipment is something to be fulfilled in order to operate successfully. Buying a photocopier machine is one of the office equipment that is crucial to almost every business set up having paper work in an office. To purchase one, you need to determine a lot more things than just the photocopier machine price in UAE. Read on

What’s your budget?

Determine your budget depending upon your need. Copiers can produce from four to over 100 copies per minute. There are slow machines as well as the fastest, digitally connected, multifunctional machines that definitely cost higher.

Copiers that cost more are most often rented or leased, but can also be bought outright. Leases for photocopiers typically extend for three to five years depending upon your work. Photocopiers available on rent could be damaged or repaired several times as they are travelling from one place to another in different hands every time. This might trouble you in the course of crucial operations.

Analyze any hidden costs

The capital cost of printers is relatively inexpensive but the cost of consumables like ink and toner, and the maintenance plays an important part in budgetary decisions. It is said that almost 45% of total cost of ownership goes toward consumables and servicing and around 60% is owing to manageability and reliability.

Your copy and print volume

Assess your current usage by conducting a quick print audit of average pages printed per month, whether you require more A4 or A3 papers, is your usage of black & white ink high or colored. Take a long-term view considering the potential growth of your company or office.

Choose between color copiers or mono copiers

Depending upon the nature of your work, choose wisely. The best business multi-function peripherals offer mono and color simultaneously. It is also possible to disable the color function if you do not need color now but want it in the future.

Final Words

Photocopier companies like Sharp Photocopier supplier in UAE normally provide free advice on purchasing. If you’re not sure on what kind of copier machine to opt for, it’s probably best to contact your local dealer to get some information.